The the Russian program “News of the Week”

The motives of the USA for its support of the coup d’état in Venezuela were questioned and the historical background was illuminated. I translated the article.

Start of translation

President Maduro is therefore in favour of dialogue with the opposition and external interference in Venezuelan affairs is perceived as impertinence. “We return to neo-colonialism when orders are given from a European capital or from Washington to any country in Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Caribbean. Who do they think they are, that they want to make decisions here? We don’t accept any ultimatum from anyone in the world, we don’t accept blackmail,” Maduro said. And really, on what basis are the countries of the West asking Maduro to resign? It is particularly piquant when French President Macron declares that Maduro should “disappear”. Macroon’s popularity was only 28% in January. Maduro was inaugurated in January after elections in which he received 68 percent of the votes. So, which of these two “Ms” should “disappear”?

Meanwhile, the US openly set course for the overthrow of Maduro. Thus the accounts of the largest Venezuelan oil company were frozen and the transfer of part of the assets of the Venezuelan government into the hands of the fraud Juan Guaido was decided. According to US security consultant Bolton, the USA froze 7 billion dollars of the Venezuelan oil company. Imagine that: The USA expropriates the money of another state and arbitrarily gives it to some runaway uncle, who Washington himself has appointed as president of this state! For Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has declared: “We understand that the United States, to put it simply, has “licked blood” and is publicly heading for an illegal regime change. Nevertheless, international law must be valid and should be defended by all available means.”

Meanwhile, China and Russia support Venezuela and continue economic cooperation with it. I named China first because it is the largest lender and investor in Venezuela. It’s about 70 billion dollars. Second place goes to American investors and lenders. According to Reuters, they “buried” about 50 billion dollars in Venezuela. Russia’s share is much lower. Money is important, but there are still things that are more valuable than money. These are principles. One of them is non-interference in the internal affairs of other states. America, for example, doesn’t like the idea of someone interfering in its elections, so why do Americans interfere so cynically and ruthlessly in Venezuela’s affairs?

There is again a lot of talk about the Monroe Doctrine. The President of the United States in the 1820s was James Monroe. He then proclaimed the doctrine according to which the two American continents are the zone of influence of the USA and the USA, in return, does not interfere in the zone of influence of the European countries on the other side of the world. But if you will allow me, they only insist on Monroe’s doctrine when it comes to Venezuela. When talking about Syria or Iraq, for example, they suddenly forget this doctrine. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not. Yes, now life in Venezuela is difficult. Maduro’s socialist methods, i.e. the direct distribution of food or the nationalisation of companies which, in the government’s opinion, sell their goods overpriced, are popular with the people, but have achieved the opposite of what was the goal. They have led to shortages, galloping inflation and a noticeable exodus of people from the country. But a coup is not medicine either. The country needs a dialogue within Venezuela and a joint search for a way out.

And the causes of economic hardship are not only to be found in the government’s current course. Until 1959, foreign oil companies paid only 26 percent taxes. This means that the profits of these foreign, and especially American and British, companies were three times as high as the share Venezuela received for its own oil. That was robbery! Therefore, in 1976, the entire oil industry of the country was nationalized. Now the Americans want to take advantage of the hour.

End of translation

by Alfonso

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