The old Colonial Brittan and France plus the US are on the go again.

Again, are the western powers lying to the public.

That is how wars have started in 1914 and 1939. Will their be a new one in 2018?

Listen to this explanation of the Russian foreign minister, concerning the poisoning in Salisbury.

Way is it that politician come out with so many lies, to manipulate their people, who have been voting for them, and who have trusted them to lead the country? It is time to asked them to explain them self to the voters in their respective countries.

Way have we an international court in den Haag who has been installed by all international member of the United Nation and convict all those liars and collaborators who want a world-wide war. Such criminals, Trump, May and Macron are not allowed to have power full positions in the world. For me it is incredible how the worlds military powers US, Brittan and France citizens can allow those people to continue to lead us into a nuclear war.

by alfonso


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