On the way to the World War III


BERLIN – The Federal Government praises the attacks of its closest allies on Syria in violation of international law and reiterates its support for the Western war course. The bombardments on early Saturday morning by the US, French and British forces were “necessary and appropriate,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said. In fact, the attack, which is declared as a punitive action for a poison gas attack allegedly committed by Syrian troops, is a Western power demonstration in the first Middle Eastern country where the West has lost supremacy to Russia. Syria is already the fourth state that the West covers with acts of war contrary to international law; In this way, the Western powers have definitively replaced the law in international politics with the “law of the strongest”. US President Donald Trump had urged to attack Russian targets in Syria as well; The world was on Saturday just before an uncontrolled escalating war between the two largest nuclear powers.

The international law nihilism of the West

The Saturday morning bombing was carried out before the OPCW could at least make an official confirmation of the alleged use of poison gas – a disregard of elemental legal rules that only evidence, not unproven allegations, can trigger punitive measures. In addition, Syria is now the fourth state after Yugoslavia (1999), Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011), which the western powers override with anti-war activities in violation of international law; In doing so, they have finally replaced the law in international relations with the “law of the strongest”. This fact exposes the cynicism of the assertion that international law should be enforced against Russia, as it has taken over Crimea under breach of law. In fact, international law no longer serves the West, including Berlin, as a guideline for its own actions, but above all as an instrument for the delegitimization of – not infrequently defensive – measures by opposing states.

Not for the last time

At the same time, Western aggression increasingly steers towards triggering a war between major powers. Yesterday’s Saturday, a further escalation could only be prevented by the fact that – mainly due to pressure from US generals – the bombing limited to purely Syrian targets and previously communicated to Russia. Especially US President Trump had demanded to attack Russian targets as well. Had he prevailed, the world would be in these hours probably in a barely controllable armed struggle between the largest nuclear powers. Concerned voices even in Trump related US media yesterday openly warned of a third – and probably last – world war. It must be assumed that situations like yesterday will be repeated in the future. Influential US politicians, such as Senator Lindsey Graham, are calling for an aggravation of the aggression against Russia, as Trump most recently. Graham also speculated on the replacement of US generals, whose pressure was due to Moscow being informed in good time of the targets of the bombardment and thus being stopped by self-defense attacks.

Translated from german

by alfonso

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