Theresa May and the Riot License – still has the audacity to bring the EU and NATO into the game, if no evidence exists, of Salisbury.

Of course, it is the legitimate right of every state to investigate crimes committed on its territory. It is his duty if he wants to be respected as a state in the international community. Of course, this is also true of the Salisbury process, where much is hinted at the use of poison when making international press coverage the basis of assumptions.

In this governmental task, the Federal Government should also comply with any British request for assistance or assistance in forensic investigations when such requests are made or offered by the British Government.

On the island it dies faster.

James Bond seems to be something of the icon of the United Kingdom when it comes to pulling the Colt in British national interest. Respected scientist David Kelly witnessed this when he was found murdered at a field hedge after being suspected of shoveling the latent British belligerent, this time invading Iraq. In any case, the honorable Mr. Kelly has permanently riddled the British and international fabric of lies to establish the Iraq war.

The price was high. He paid his sense of responsibility with life. It is not known that such an enlightenment frenzy was used at the time, as is happening now with the British Prime Minister at the Salisbury Valley. Strange enough, if no evidence is presented, but a prejudgment list is sent to another country.

Withholding: this is the first German state duty under the circumstances created by Theresa May.

This is called “demonstration” of what the British Prime Minister subordinated to another state in the British House of Commons yesterday. This is a British-Russian matter, to deal with Mrs. May. It is the most natural task of German policy to stay out of this dispute.

However, this will not be as easy as early statements made by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. The usual game against Russia, this time before the World Cup, should be raised. Best of all, just before the Russian presidential election in a few days, on March 18, 2018. If that is not an election influence, when you spectacularly come up with an ultimatum? Should you shoot back at 5.45 am? What happens tonight, if there is no Russian answer? Is London habitual again in the rhetoric of war?

The alleged Russian sins register is the expression of a Western hubris.

From Ukraine to Crimea to Syria: it was the West that plunged the world into misery. While since the ordeal of war against Yugoslavia in 1999, the West had ruined international law and especially the Charter of the United Nations, Moscow acted on the basis of international law. That did not suit London, Paris and Washington because they had reserved the “license to wage war”. That does not change the circumstances.

Theresa May still has the audacity to bring the EU and NATO into play if there is no evidence to support Salisbury. This is how you prepare for war in the Western scenario, but do not solve any criminal cases. Gleiwitz and Tonkin greet.


by alfonso (translated from german)

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