After Putin’s Weapons Premier

After Putin’s Weapons Premier: US Senators Want Disarmament Talks with Moscow RT German)

The first call for talks after Putin’s speech: A group of US senators calls on the Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson to revive the dialogue with Moscow on disarmament treaties. The Russian Senate responds with goodwill.
After Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled six completely new strategic weapons, US Senators call on Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson to seek dialogue with Moscow to update the existing disarmament treaties between the two countries. In a letter addressed to Tillerson by Democrat Jeff Merkley, Dianne Feinstein, Ed Markey, and independent US Senator Bernie Sanders, it says:
Following the President’s public appearance on March 1, when he presented some novel nuclear weapons, including a cruise missile and a nuclear-powered submarine drone, which Russia is supposedly developing, a strategic dialogue between Russia and the US became even more urgent. These weapons are not affected by the START treaties in their current form and have destabilized the situation if used.
The US needs to schedule new negotiations with Russia to adjust the START treaties, the US senators said. The authors of the letter emphasized that Russia needed to increase the transparency of its tactical nuclear weapons, and that, too, dialogue with Russia was necessary.
Putin had featured a series of strategic weapons in a video last week that were previously unknown to the public. The Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs in the Supreme Council Konstantin Kosachev interpreted the request of the US Senators as a signal for positive shifts in US policy. These are in line with the proposals made by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly when he presented to the world public the latest weapons systems of the Russian army.
A news that makes hope. After the long months and even years of sharpest rhetoric from US congressmen and senators to the Russian address – including demands to break ties – now the features of positive rather than negative parliamentary pressure are not coming to our president but to us the President of the United States, “he wrote on Facebook.
In addition, Kosachev expressed the hope that, following such a decision, there could be adequate and reasonable changes in US policy in the area of ​​strategic stability and collective security, because the “threats in the modern world are the same for our countries”.

by alfonso

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