Syria:The “rebels” want to take revenge on the Kurds in Afrin


Canceled aid transports, one-sided rage and 1,000 children killed.

Nothing stands today in the Guardian category Middle East about the siblings Hisen (15), Rifat (10) and Hale (14), who were killed in an artillery attack by the Turkish occupation army on the village Tirindê near the city Efrîn.

Otherwise, one does not have to search long for the former British quality medium to pay attention to the heartbreaking suffering of children in the Syrian war. Thousands of children were killed in Syria this year, according to the first sentence of a report on the “angry population” in East Ghouta.

There, according to the Guardian, according to the UN, once again aid supplies had to leave the enclave without them really being able to help. They were not allowed to unload everything. Readers, say studies, would usually only spend a few seconds of their precious lifetime on articles.

They would usually only “scanned” for a short time. The quick readers are left with the impression that the people in East Ghouta are probably angry because the relief supplies had to flee because of a violence related to bombing that also killed the 1,000 children mentioned above ,

No precise information The more patient readers will not find out exactly. Neither the UN number of 1,000 killed children is specified in any way, or an exact source stated, nor is it explained exactly why the relief convoy, which could only be partially unloaded, departed so quickly.

“The suburbs were attacked,” it says only.

As a result, it briefly mentions that Russia offered the opposition militias a free withdrawal, including families plus their own personal weapons. Later the report mentions that the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) has confirmed that the convoy had to leave prematurely due to a “deteriorating safety situation” on Monday.

Following a very similar inaccurate, suggestive pattern, the current Guardian report is about an aid convoy that was announced for Thursday but did not come. The first sentence suggests that it was canceled because the Enclave had been hit by a poison gas attack.

The source for this are “observers”. In the second sentence, the spokeswoman for the ICRC said that the departure of the convoy was postponed, “because the situation on the ground does not allow us to carry out the transport under such conditions”.

Not a word is mentioned or referred to by the ICRC as an attack on chemical weapons. Nothing about the shelling that comes from militias

The observers, who suspect a poison gas attack, are then mentioned below: It is the London Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The suspicion that the Syrian government forces are responsible for the chemical weapons attack, is not expressly expressed, but only suggested. The connection with the auxiliary transport is not confirmed at any point.

For the Russian Tass names very precise causes. According to Yuri Jeftuschenku, representative of the Russian “Center for Conciliation of Conflict Parties”, the background to the decision to postpone the transport is as follows:

International aid organizations made the decision in exchange with the Syrian authorities to postpone the Duma humanitarian convoy, scheduled for 8 March, later because of intense artillery fire by Jabhat al-Nusra on government forces and the humanitarian corridor in Iran.

Vafedin gave. Tass Revenge and rescue in front of ready-made cameras No reader, no reader can know for sure which version of the truth is approaching.

But it should be noted that the Guardian systematically omits such statements as so much that casts a bad image on the Islamist, Salafist or jihadist militias. These are currently killing children in the Afrinan military operation with Africans – without a team of photographers waiting with their ready-made devices for a “rescuer” to spontaneously and miraculously free a child from the bomb debris and run towards her. The “rebels” fueled by jihad in Syria, who are now traveling with harshness and cruelty in Afrin, are not afraid to say so openly: it is revenge they now want to take against the Kurds and the YPG, they say , One can imagine in which revenge bath they would dive the land, they would have the freewheeling, which some would like to treat them. Although some parts of the population are angry with these militias, which is also unmentioned by the Guardian. The fast reader will not notice that anyway.

by alfonso


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