Inquisition, Warmongering and Decadence


A policy of lies, distraction and violence.

by Wolfgang Bittner.

What are those times? Lecture rooms are denied, bank accounts terminated, memberships in clubs prevented, because someone is defamed as an anti-Semite or an unacceptable, even if in the Bundestag represented party belongs. Denunciation and intrigues are in business, block property and witch hunts. It is rushed and divided, right into the parties. Obviously, there are organizations – by whatever reasoned and sponsored – that specialize in character assassination and infiltration worldwide.

The US government has just released a sanction list of 210 Russian citizens. There are 114 politicians and 96 so-called oligarchs, all of whom are said to have benefited from their ties to Russian President Putin. Among the outlaws are the administration of the Russian President, as listed on the website of the Kremlin, and the entire Russian Cabinet, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. An “unprecedented” list, according to Putin’s spokesman, documents that the US sees all members of the government as enemies.

No outcry, no outrage from Western politicians and the media. Without criticism, the US government can deceive itself to impose arbitrary sanctions against other states and their citizens? No question about the legitimacy. All the presidents of recent years and many US politicians were by law before the International Criminal Court (which the US declined to recognize), such as ex-President Barack Obama, who is still so soft-spoken, and who served during his tenure led seven wars and has blessed daily drone killings.

Where are the intervention wars of the USA and the bloody regime change staged by them discussed? Silence, opportunism, pandering. What a mendacious, hateful, decadent baggage in politics and the media! For a long time, international law has been suspended and is only conducted in the field if it fits into the equation. For decades, the US has created an inhumane system, plotting a network of plunder, disinformation, and indoctrination across the world. Anyone who rebelled against it has been eliminated, those who are currently resisting, such as Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela or North Korea, are sanctioned and threatened with war.

As a reason for the economic sanctions against Russia, the alleged annexation of the Crimea in March 2014 is mentioned in prayer-mantra style. The fact that the connection of the Crimea to the Russian Federation was not an annexation, but a secession, i.e. a peaceful separation after a coup in Kiev with far-reaching consequences, is bitterly ignored by the West. It does not fit into the caricature of the “aggressive Russian” threatening Western Europe.

Now Russia’s alleged influence on the US elections in autumn 2016 is being cited to justify renewed sanctions against Russian citizens. Nothing is proven, nothing provable. But it is done – and not only in this case – as if it were facts. The constant repetition has an effect, hypocritical law and moral endeavour. It is noteworthy that in Russia in 1996, the re-election of the alcoholic Boris Yeltsin was demonstrably controlled by “US experts”. At the time, TIME magazine headlined: “The secret story of how four US aides are using polls, target groups, negative advertising, and all the other US campaigning technicians to help Boris Yeltsin” (see Wolfgang Bittner, USA’s Conquest of Europe) “, P. 166).

It’s incredible! Incomprehensible! To register is a progressive purposeful development of the brutalization, dumbing down and use of force under the dominance of the USA. Many takes this for granted or turn to the private. Youth knows nothing else, but the elders know that in the seventies and eighties it was better in Germany and many other states, more democratic, more peaceful, more philanthropic. Now there are rockets, tanks, fighters and tens of thousands of soldiers ready to operate on the borders with Russia.

Those who stand up against this policy of aggression and the concomitant agitation will be defamed as anti-Americans, friends of Russians, anti-Semites or conspiracy theorists. But that does not interest the overwhelming majority of the population. The focus is directed to trivialities, politicians deal with bureaucrats and silliness’s. Tralala continues. For how much longer? Probably until sometime in the foreseeable future the lights go out. Unless something fundamentally changes. Information and suggestions.

Translated by Alfonso from German

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