Close Camp Bondsteel!

Rising tensions in the global relations and hot beds of old and new crisis call for unity and efforts of all peace forces for closing foreign military bases, particularly US and NATO foreign military bases, around the globe. The peace forces are obligated to send clear message that US and NATO foreign military bases represent the tools of hegemonies’, aggression, occupation, and that as such must be closed.
Peace and inclusive development, elimination of hunger and misery require redistribution of spending for maintained of military bases in favor of development needs, education and health services. After the end of the Cold War the whole humanity expected stability, peace and justice in the world of equal states and nations. Such expectations, however, turned to be futile beliefs.
In the last two decades, instead of closing US and NATO military bases in Europe, the continent has been interknitted by whole chain new US military bases in Bulgaria, Rumania, Poland, Baltic states. As a consequence, there are today more US military bases in Europe than at the pick of the Cold War. Peace and security have become more fragile and quality of life jeopardized.
This dangerous development was triggered in 1999 by NATO-US led aggression against Serbia (FR Yugoslavia). At the end of the aggression US established military base in the occupied part of the Serbian territory Kosovo and Metohija, called Bondsteel, which is one of the most expensive and the largest USA military bases, established after the Vietnam War. It was not only an illegal, but brutal act of disrespect of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and other basic principles of international law. Now, there is even a plan to expand the base Bondsteel transforming it into a permanent location of American troops and a hub of US military presence in South East Europe for geostrategic purposes and confrontations.
We demand that the Bondsteel military base be closed as well as all other US military bases in Europe and in the World. Preparations for furthering confrontation and new wars are senseless waste of money, energy and development opportunities.
The Belgrade forum as an integral part of the world peace movement, stands firmly by the initiative to close all military bases in the world and redirect resources to rising development needs and people yearnings for better life.

The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals 

Belgrade, January 12, 2018

by alfonso



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