The peace loveing USA Senate????

Last week, the US Senate overwhelmingly approved an USD 80 billion increase in military spending. That’s $26 billion more than Donald Trump asked for earlier in the year. If this spending bonanza becomes a reality, our annual military budget will stand at around $700 billion — higher than military spending under Ronald Reagan.

Members of both parties have claimed that there’s just not enough money in the federal budget for needs like universal health care, debt-free higher education, or modernizing our infrastructure. 

But that’s a lie. We’re causing countless deaths, destroying whole cities abroad, letting our own cities and towns go to ruin, and wasting billions a year on endless wars in the Middle East and conflicts all over the world.

We’ve had enough of the lies. That’s why we’re so excited that the National Priority Project (NPP), run by the leading experts on the U.S. federal budget, has joined the IPS family.

The National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies will open new opportunities for us to go deeper to find solutions for peace and foreign policy, economic and racial justice, climate justice, and more.

The addition of NPP to our other projects is already helping IPS expand our work on:

  • Linking job cuts by tax-dodging corporations to devastating cuts to services that could be triggered by an immoral tax reform plan
  • Exposing the interplay between poverty, racism, militarism, and the climate crisis in the U.S. in a landmark report for the new Poor People’s campaign
  • Employing facts to clear the fog of fear around rising tensions with North Korea to spread the message of diplomacy over war
  • Outlining policy proposals to transfer funds from the military budget to a climate security budget to address one of the most pressing dangers of our time

Budgets are moral documents. With NPP at IPS, we’re gearing up to fight this latest trumped up military spending bill and will continue to fight to use our tax dollars to lift people and peace, at home and abroad.



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