In the race of the Syrian troops and the US-backed SDF associations to the strategically important city of Deir-ez-Zor, the conflict between Russia and the US is exacerbating

As is clear for a long time, the suppression and expulsion of the Islamic state in Syria does not lead to a solution to the conflict. The geopolitical interests of the USA and Russia, as well as the regional powers allied to them, which are in turn linked to the Syrian parties (power pokers in Syria), diverge too much. Currently, the conflict overcomes Iran’s interest in the construction of a land bridge to Lebanon through Iraq and Syria, which is met with a strong resistance from the US. In addition, the city is also strategically important in Syria, and there are oil sources in the vicinity.
The expulsion of the Islamic state around the city of Deir ez-Zor led to a raid by the Syrian troops and the Shiite militia from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, and the Kurdish SDF, which functioned as American troops and American special forces and US combat aircraft get supported.
A week ago the Pentagon accused the Russians of attacking “coalition partners”, ie SDF units, to the east of Deir-ez-Zor, and injured some fighters. “Multinational troops”, which advised and supported the SDF, had also been present, but there was no sacrifice among them.
Shortly thereafter, the Russian Ministry of Defense has complained that the SDF units can cross the territories held by IS without being involved in combat. It has been known several times that the SDF and the IS have made appointments, for example, in the conquest of Tabqa (The Deal with the Islamic State). In addition, SDF units would attack Syrian troops. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konasenkov said: “The nearer the end of the Islamic state, the more obvious is who is actually fighting the IS, and who has instead merely feigned it for three years, and if the US-led international coalition, Terrorism in Syria, it should at least not disturb those who do it continuously and effectively. ”
Now the Russian Ministry of Defense has published aerial photographs of places north of Deir-ez-Zor, where there are still IS fighters. They were made between 8 and 12 September. The US special forces are now being prompted to ensure a safe passage through the IS controlled territories to the SDF associations. “Without opposition from the IS fighters, SDF units are moving to the city of Deir ez-Zor on the left side of the Euphrates.”
The bases of the Americans were where IS-fighters had just stopped. Do not notice on the recordings that the US special forces have secured the bases. There are no signs of safety. That could mean, the Russian Ministry of Defense says the Americans feel “absolutely safe” on the territory, which is still held by the IS. There are also no signs of attack, fighting between the IS and the Americans or craters, which would show that the former IS bases had been bombed. See also: armored Humvee vehicles, which were also captured by the IS.



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