Western Values ​​Community

(Eckart Spoo)
“With annoyance and disrespect,” the radio reported, Brussels had responded to the decision of Athens to allow the Greek people to vote on the assumption or rejection of the conditions under which the institutions of the western community of values ​​were ready to give the over-indebted, exhausted country an intermediate loan To be granted. The government had made many concessions during weeks of negotiations, also at the expense of some social reforms that the Syriza party had won the parliamentary election.

Clear. Where would our proud capitalist empire come from when the stupid people could be talked about? It is bad enough that the Greek voters of a left-wing party have entrusted the government. And now these people want to actually do left-wing politics – as if they had forgotten the historical lesson given them by the Western community of values ​​in 1967. According to the NATO plan “Prometheus”, Fascist military forces had putsched at the time to prevent an election in which the success of the former left was to be expected. The same thing happened in Chile in 1973. The murderous regimes of Colonel Papadopoulos, Pattakos, and Johannidis, and General Pinochet caused workers to become cheaper and no longer dare to strike for their interests. Human rights lost their validity for years.

No, democracy is not one of the ‘Western values’. Let us take Egypt, where General Mubarak was pushed out of power by a democratic election. Since the Western community was displeased with the religious party behind which the majority of voters stood, the military had to putsch again. And if Washington, as the leading force of the Western community of values, holds the democratically elected President of Syria as a villain, the country will be overrun with war. Good allies are the Arab monarchs, who create cruel and German arms, under which democratic impulses can not arise.

Ukraine is now part of the western community of values, after the US has used up such youngsters as Yazenjuk and has spent five billion dollars on preparing the regime change. According to the New York Times shortly after the bloody February putsch in 2014, the rights sector was decisively involved. Now these fascists belong to the Kyiv government, and President Poroshenko, billionaire ruler of a chocolate, media and armament group, promises the Crimea, whose population votes with parliamentary and national elections (96.77 per cent) for joining the Russian Federation Has to bring into the Western community of values.

Those who are committed to the democratization of the society in which we live are committed to the worldwide acceptance of human rights and thus to a regime of injustice, such as the US has established in Guantanamo, which harasses the rulers of the free market. They can only allow democracy in the manner of US presidential elections. Clear.

Translated from German: Alfons

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