CIA was directly involved in Syria

CIA Director John Brennan has for the first time acknowledged that the CIA is directly involved in the fighting in Syria: He told NPR that he felt “some responsibility for the cruel bloodshed in the Syrian war”: “We would like to say that We could have made the difference, in a way that would prevent the situation from developing. It is not possible to say emotionally and mentally about these situations in which you played a role. ”

Most of the international and Islamic mercenaries fighting in Syria are either directly supported by the Gulf States or Western secret services allied to the West. The CIA had considered attacking the Syrian airports with covert operations just before the US election.

Brennan told NPR that he did not believe that with the end of the siege of Aleppo by the mercenaries the violence in Syria was over: “The case of Aleppo is not a sign that there is an end to this conflict. I am convinced that many, many of these opposition leaders will continue to fight, those who want to regain their country for their families, their neighbors and children, and will therefore continue to fight. “#

This statement is a classic disinformation: the war in Syria was instigated externally, as the Indian Ambassador had declared in an impressive report. The “oppositionists” or “rebels” are, as a rule, precisely those groups sent by foreign states to Syria.

It is unclear whether the CIA can continue to play an active role alongside the Islamic and international mercenaries: the US president, Donald Trump, had announced the Syrian president to be an ally in the fight against the IS. The apparent “remorse” of Brennan should also be related to the fact that the US government will not continue the course of the CIA in Syria as it has done so far.

Already two years ago Barack Obama had admitted that the concept of mercenary wars had failed. Obama, however, did not have the strength to turn this realization into political acts.

One of the reasons for the CIA’s verbal withdrawal lies in the fact that the intelligence services and military operations have to try to get their mercenaries out of the combat area after the defeat at Aleppo. They must also reckon with the fact that the mercenaries are now in the public eye – and it is anything but glorious. After the complete conquest of Aleppo, Moscow and Damascus accused the mercenaries of the Syrian city, who had been expelled from the eastern part of the Syrian city, to the civilian population . “Several mass graves with dozens of corpses were discovered,” declared the Russian Ministry of Defense on Monday. Moscow also announced an even stronger cooperation with Iran – both countries support Syrian state Bashar al-Assad.

The Moscow Defense Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, told the masses that the people had been “cruel tortured and tortured”. Exact investigations should now follow. However, these would certainly lead to the West being obliged to recognize “its responsibility for the cruelty” of the Syrian rebels. According to Independent, who writes of a “massacre”, Konaschenkow said that the crimes of the mercenaries in Syria must be made public “so that European protectors of the so – called Oppositionals in London and Paris will be well aware of who are their proteges and thus their responsibility for The atrocities of the opposition. ”

The official Syrian news agency Sana reported that the rebels had killed at least 21 civilians on their retreat from East Aleppo. The corpses of the victims, among them at least five children and four women, had been discovered in prisons of the “terrorist groups” which had now been expelled, Sana quoted the senior court medics in Aleppo, Saher Hadscho. They had been “shot through shots from a very short distance”.

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” near the Muslim Brotherhood explained that several bodies had been found on the streets of East Aleppo. But she could not give any information about how people died. This source is to be enjoyed with caution because it is essentially a one-man operation in Coventry, the background of which is largely unknown.

On Thursday, the Syrian government forces had once again fully controlled Aleppo with a Russian support. They are also charged with atrocities. According to UN figures, they had killed at least 82 civilians in the days before the reconquest of the eastern part of the city. The victims had been dealt with properly.

“The victory of the Syrian Armee send the message that the terrorists can not achieve their goals, “said Iranian President Hassan Ruhani, according to Iranian state media on Saturday night in a telephone conversation with the Kremlin chief. Moscow and Tehran are allies of the Syrian leader Assad and call all rebels in Syria as “terrorists”. The cooperation between Russia and Iran in Syria will continue, said Putin. He and Ruhani announced peace talks for Syria to be held in Kazakhstan. Details they did not call. In addition to Russia, a US-led military coalition also flies in Syria. Their efforts now called on Turkey to fight for the city of Al-Bab in the north of the country. “The international coalition must fulfill its responsibilities, especially by means of air raids,” said the President of the Republic of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday. Since the end of August, Turkey has been carrying out an offensive against the IS in Nordsyria together with Syrian rebels. The fighters supported by Ankara conquered several localities. In Al-Bab, which is about 25 kilometers from the Turkish-Syrian border, IS fighters but fierce resistance, several Turkish soldiers were killed. On Sunday, Ankara strengthened the march on the border with Syria – apparently with a view to the battles around Al-Bab. In addition, the Turkish army accused the IS fighters of having killed at least 30 civilians in the attempt to flee the city.

by Alfons

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