The Usual Mantra: Pundit Buffoonery in the West Sheds Crocodile Tears for Aleppo

They call it the “fall of Aleppo.” And by their own admission, they say they are still in league with what they call “the Syrian rebels,” albeit knowing that they include Al-Qaeda-allied Jihadi Salafists and Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorists who have committed crimes against humanity in London, Paris, Brussels, New York and Washington.

Furthermore, they willfully ignore the murderous behaviour of the rebels and obscure their identity and brutality. If some have now begun to spread their criticism to include the “defenders of Eastern Aleppo” it’s only for show. It’s easier on the conscience that way. This includes the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as well as the rituals of deliberately unenforceable resolutions entertained by the UN General Assembly.

The truth is, the UN commission now condemns criminal jihadism and admits that the rebels “have abducted and killed an unknown number of civilians who requested the armed groups to leave their neighborhoods, to spare the lives of civilians. Furthermore, indiscriminate attacks have been conducted on heavily civilian areas of government-held Western Aleppo.”

It’s worthwhile to enumerate that the commission or the UN never bother to admit that this is not a “civil war,” let alone debate the plight of the Syrian people who have endured each and every foreign-backed statutory war crime codified by the International Criminal Court.

Per usual, this grotesque behavior of the UN has ensured that the imposed war on Syria, mass murder by chlorine gas, massacres of innocents, violent beheadings and car bombings, firing of mortar rounds into crowded neighbourhoods, as well as deliberate targeting of hospitals, schools and markets by the US-led coalition of regime changers on the pretext of ISIL war will go on.

It gets even worse. The European Union says it will not pay towards rebuilding post-war Syria if Moscow and Damascus leave no space in the future for what they call opposition to President Bashar Assad’s government.

According to a draft joint statement from the EU’s 28 leaders, the EU will provide support for Syria’s reconstruction only once a credible political transition is firmly under way. The EU has also signalled it would press for more sanctions on Damascus – unless Assad critics have a role in the future of Syria.

This is what counts these days as Western diplomacy and concern for the humanitarian catastrophe that is Syria. The Western “humanitarians” are not prepared to offer any glimmer of hope to the long-suffering people of Syria, even after the war is over. This is what we call the real “complete meltdown of humanity” in the West. This is what they have become – the utter depravity to which they have all sunk.

In the prevailing environment, expect more foreign-imposed suffering for the war-ravaged people of Syria.

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