And the winner is Donald Trump


Well all this guessing about the election in the USA. The citizens of the USA have voted for Trump, that is what democracy is all about. It has divided the country in 48% Clinton and 49% Trump.

Looking back for a moment and think. When Trump cam on the arena, how many of the American citizens thought that he is a real candidate for the presidency. Everybody was calling hem a clan “this man will never have a chance to become our president, he das not know what he is talking about”

Well here is the result. 80% of the mainstream media, who brainwashed half of the American population, who mention that Trump will not have a chance against Hillary Clinton, and half of the Americans thought that the mainstream media was right.

The only one who is fit for the presidency is Clinton, that’s what the establishment put into the Americans head. Look back what she has done. She is fighting for woman’s right in the USA and the world, dose she??

Who is one of the largest contributor for the Clinton Foundation, paying millions and millions of dollar into the funds. The countries who are most against the freedom of women in the world “Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirates and many others.

So what dose that say in regards of Clintons play for women’s right? Hillary was not interested in women’s liberation, she was only interested in her and her foundations money. The one who was cheating on the American people was Clinton and their follower, which where the mainstream media.

Trump said words which where appalling to many people. Manny of the reporters mention that Tramp did say things which was not usual in the political establishment. This could have been a reason that he won this race. He did not talk in terms, which most of the politicians do, he spoke to the audience in words, they understood his expression, that the American political system was rotten, Trump talk to people, so the people could understand. They understood what he meant, and that was his biggest access which help him to win.

To understand the whole problem is very difficult, but that Clinton did not win was not a such big surprise, for many who followed Hillary. Hillary was very little liked in her own way. She was very arrogant, playing as if she has already won the election. Had help from many part of the establishment, from Obama and his wife, from the old establishment, that was afraid of to loos power, if Trump would win, so it was a new awaking after the election, for both the establishment and the republican and democratic parties leaders.

What the future will be one only speculate, as many of the people, not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world, calculated that Clinton would, if not easily but surly win, and be the first women president of the Unites States of America.

If we look at the economy behind the two presidential candidates. Clinton is way ahead of Donald Trump, but for once money did not win her the election. That was one of the largest surprises under this election. Trump had all the media against him, he had all the establishment, not only in the USA, but also in the western world, against him. If we look back, most of the European countries where all behind Clinton. They where pretty sure, that everything would be the same as during the Obama precedency. But know everything will change.

Now many experts are scratching and thinking how could this happen? The are sitting, talking in the radio on television and other media, and trying to explain and analyze the situation. Manny of the questions are, in regards of the foreign policy. Who will be the new foreign minister in the White House? Who will be the new representative in the High Court? There are many questions unanswered, but we will soon se, which politics Trump will continue in the country.

All the answers are pure speculation. Nobody knows anything during the nearest future. Trump will take his time to sort out this questions, except for some people, which of course have been very close to him during the run for the presidency.

Yes, America will be a different country, it maybe not be run by the political elite, it may be run by ordinary people, which I hope will do their best to serf the country and its citizens. It is astonishing that this hysterical outburst from the commentators, that now the world will be a different world.

I look forward to a world that can change in a direction, which is serving the people and which is giving less austerity to the pore in this world. Trump will not be the person who will create this during his term, but it has put forward the question, a question which is most important, equality and freedom for all the people on this earth. Trump is a business man and he will act as such in a certain way, but be sure, it will not always work that way. He will surly learn how to negotiate with other leaders, if he can see a win win situation in the deal. That’s what business is all about.

Look at the Reagan administration, an actor a clown in cowboy boots, riding around in B-movies. It was he who cam to an agreement with the Russian president Gorbasjov, and put down the Berlin wall, at the same time stating the change of the Soviet Union, which fell a part. Reagan was not a political educated person; he was a person which wanted to work for a world in peace.

The USA has to forget the exceptionalism, it is not an Exceptionalism country, The United States of America is one of many countries on this earth, which has the same right and the same say, and the same future as any other country. It is very difficult to understand that, because you have the strongest military, the strongest economy, that you should decide the future of other independent countries. After world war two, The USA has intervened in more than 50 countries, where they either have directly change governments, or indirectly supported with the help of CIA and other organizations, changed the government, and at the same time supported their own leaders, which they thought would listen to the American politics.

Now since Trump has covert his visit to President Obama, where Obama has informed Trump, that he will help hem to inaugurate Trump into the Whit House.

The chock of the defeat will hang for a long time over the Democratic party. Some speculation is going on, that the leaders of the Democratic party have played a dirty game, when the where proposing and fighting for Clinton as president. It has com forward now after the election, that Sanders had more people on his rallies than Clinton. The only exception was that the reporters showed not the amount of participants, the showed only the part where people where listing, and if you hear to the reports, their where always less people when Clinton hold her speech.

Now there are demonstration in New York, Chicago and other towns in the US, where people are demonstrating against Donald Trump. They have forgotten that the are living in a democracy, where people are deciding who will bee their next president. Now it is to late to demonstrate. Start instead and work for a more democratic election where “all” parties can participate, not only the republican and the democrats. Yes, it is a chock for many, not least for the foreign partners of the US. The Baltic states are wondering how they can continue their russofobia, when Trump will talk to Putin about solving the tension between their countries. It will not bee easy for the NATO member to increase their military spending, so It will be on the same level, as the agreement says, that is 2% of the countries BNP. This will include more austerity for the pure and more money for the war industry. This is maybe the policy of Trump.

One thing is clear, the old establishment in Washington has been hit with a heavy hammer, and it will take a long time for them to understand, that it is not the old elite who is any longer running the United States of America.


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