Syria crisis is increasing the danger of war in the world.

After the Syrian ceasefire was not implemented, because the American, British and Danish aircraft bombed the Syrian strength, fighting against terrorists, Russia and Syria unilaterally stopped the ceasefire in the area.

Now the US has defined itself, according to “Deutsche Wirdschafts Nachrichten”, the United States to deliver heavy weapons to the so-called opposition.
All this reversal shows once again that the US is not the least bit interested in getting a gun permit in the ravaged Syria. In American circles to accuse Syria and Russia to wipe bomb enemy terrorists, and that Russia has repeatedly asked the United States that the opposition should separate themselves from the terrorists. This has not happened, why the attacks on the areas that the terrorists still have, bombarded by Russian and Syrian air forces. As the situation in Aleppo looks like Syria, with Russia seem to have a big advantage, like the US now deliver heavy weapons to the “opposition”, where one already knows that these weapons will end up in terrorists’ hands.
In a speech in the UN, accusing Sammanta Power, Russia and Syria that they are not interested in a ceasefire, which of course once again shows how the propaganda war going on, where the United States is the good, while Russia and Syria are the evil side. This has been going on for several years, and those suffering are the Syrian population.

If it be that the United States wants peace in Syria, they would cease hostilities, and you could start fredprocessendan together with Russia and other states. In such an arrangement, shall also be Assad’s position in the case, but this should only be done by the Syrian people decide that. Of course, the US is not interested in such a deal. We must not forget Vietnam, where the United Nations decided by negotiating with all parties, that there would be a referendum in Vietnam, where people could vote for the party they wanted. Eisenhower knew that Ho Che Ming, the leader of North Vietnam, would win such a vote by a large margin, so he opposed a democratic vote, and established a dictatorial regime, which was subject to United States. The same applies to Syria, US knows very well that Assad would win such a vote, if they got permission, so it is not interested in that at all, let the Syrian people to decide which regime they want.
Most people know that the so-called Opposition is a diffuse assembled group, where internal fighting, it would make it impossible to agree on a presidential candidate. This know US and its ally very well, which is why you are not interested in a ceasefire.
The only solution for them is that Assad resign and faced court martial. Then arises again the question, who decides whether Assad should go or if he should stay? The most democratic course, is that the Syrian people could decide. This solution is opposed, of course the United States and its allies.
The whole war is about control of oil in the Middle East. Nothing else counts for the United States. The United States must have control.
Samantha Power’s speech at the United Nations, shows again how she was playing a double game, she criticized the Russian and Syrian bombings against Aleppo, and call these as the worst in memory manna. Henna historical knowledge is extremely small, just think of Dresden, when the Second World War was already over. When the US bombed and Royal Air Force, Dresden, a city that had lodge military installations. It could be called war crimes. But as always, it is the victors who write history.
US apparent duplicity, with the people of Syria and in other parts of empires. US demands that other countries facing democracy, while the United States supports holding the world if they have natural resources.

The entire development in the Middle East, is in stark contrast to what the US public policy advocates. After the Arab spring, where several countries in North Africa got rid of their dictators, and hjälpes also by NATO, after showing these years, how dangerous it is for foreign interests intervene in the various countries where it believes that there is a dictatorship . The entire North Africa today is a powder keg, where the IS and other terrorist organizations thrive, and which in general can not imagine the human suffering.
The entire Western world is now a policy in the long run dinghy peace efforts in the world, but on the contrary, all preparing for war by all means. The UN is an insignificant player in this context where the most important decisions are made in Washington and in Moscow and Beijing.


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