The US have not learned from their mistakes!

Secretary of State John Kerry called Friday for Russia and Syria to face a war crimes investigation into their attacks on Syrian civilians, further illustrating the downward spiral in relations between Washington and Moscow.

It is very ironical that just the US shall draw the Russians and the Syrians into the court for war crimes. It seems like a joke, but of course it is a continuation of a game where the US is loosing control.

How can a country have in the last 20 years, been attacking so many other countries, in the name of “war against terrorists” which have resulted in thousands and thousands of civilian casualties, come and speak about war crimes? Thus the United States newer see what they are up to. Do the newer look back what their criminal acts against the people in this world? In the last 15 years only, have the American war machine been involved in the tremendous killing of the as called terrorists? It has without any distinction killed civilians, children, at the same time as the war on terror was going on. The US has called thus killed, collateral dammishs, which is a finer word for civilians. It is hypocritical to talk about the Russians and Syrians of killing civilians on purpose. Of course, there is always more civilian killed than military, and in Syria is no different. It is a great disaster that this war has been going on for more than five years. All talk about a peace agreement has been neglected by the terrorists and by the United States. It becomes more and more clear that the United States has no interests in a piece because they are supporting the terrorists, who are fighting against the Syrian government. The US has always had the goal to undermine the Syrian leader and install a government which is more US, Israel-friendly.

All the surrounding countries, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel have all their fingers in this proxy war and are supporting the terrorists.

The United States are always talking about the Free Syrian Army, but nobody has until today seen any concrete representatives of this army. How are they? What is their aim? Why are the not coming forward and represent their army, and their program how they want to see the new Syria to be build. It is a fas to talk about peace if the American are playing such a double game with the people of Syria.

The only way to finishing this catastrophic war is the play with open cards and not sending weapons to the terrorists, which is well known the US is doing, together with Turkey and the Arab countries.

Let’s talk about a real peace in Syria, and not accusing each other of war crimes, because all of the involved parties are killing civilians, in one or an other way. The terrorists, supported by the US are also very brutal against the civilians, and are using them as shield against the Russian and Syrians attack. If that is not a ware crime, then I do not now what war crime is.

This war is for the United States a game to control the Middle East, and their oil. Nothing is sad about that by the Europeans, which are directly playing with the US, under the pressure of NATO. If the European countries are more independent, they should have the power to stop the war, and at the same time stop all the refugees, who are fleeing the country.


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