Victory for Saudi Arabia: Obama stops right of action for 9/11

US President Obama has vetoed a bill inserted, with the could accuse the victims of 9/11 against Saudi Arabia. Obama said such a law, the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia would be violated. Saudi Arabia is the main financier of the Islamist mercenaries in Syria.

US President Barack Obama has a veto prevents law for justice for victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001th. According to the law about survivors could directly accuse the government of Saudi Arabia. According to Obama, this would violate the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia and cause also could befall a wave of lawsuits across the United States. “I feel deep sympathy for the families of the victims of September 11,” Obama wrote on Friday in support of his action.

Saudi Arabia had threatened in the event that the law comes into force with a massive sell its Treasuries.

Saudi Arabia is the main US ally in the Middle East and supports numerous mercenaries and Islamists in Syria to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. The Saudis and the Americans are preparing to build a pipeline that would lead, inter alia through Syria.

Obama feared especially that other countries adopt similar laws and members of the US armed forces can be held responsible for their conduct abroad in court. “We have by far the largest foreign presence in the world,” Obama wrote. In addition, the Government would be in responding to state-run terrorist attacks have their hands tied because suddenly private courts would have involved.

The US Congress had passed the law and could now make the Obama decision to withdraw his hand. For this purpose, a two-thirds majority would be needed.


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