Eastern Europe: weapons for mercenaries in Syria, no to refugees

The attitude of the Eastern European countries on the refugee issue can be a new study, qualified as morally questionable. The arms trade is booming. Many weapons end up with mercenaries selling the Syrians. But the reception of refugees reject the Eastern Europeans – from religious and cultural reasons.

A study by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) According since 2012 were weapons from Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro totaling $ 1.2 billion exported via various Gulf States to Syria. The Force flights have all gone in the direction of the US Air Force bases in the Middle East. The weapons receiver should have been the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which al-Nusra Front and other Western-backed mercenary troops.
The terrorist militia ISIS allegedly received weapons from Eastern Europe. When the arms are not just about Kalashnikovs, machine guns and rocket launchers, but also tanks, anti-aircraft guns and missile systems. Robert Stephen Ford, US ambassador to Syria 2011-2014, BIRN and OCCRP said that trade is coordinated by the CIA. Reported Balkan Insight. The arms transfer from Eastern Europe to the Middle East is legally illegal. “The evidence points towards systematic diversion of weapons to armed groups who are accused of committing serious human rights violations. If this is the case, the transfers from the perspective of the UN Arms Trade Treaty and in accordance with international law are illegal and should therefore be stopped immediately, “says Patrick Wilcken, an arms control researcher from Amnesty International, who has reviewed the evidence of BIRN and OCCRP ,
Weapons from Central and Eastern Europe came with cargo flights and ships. By identifying the aircraft and ships reporters were able to track the flow of weapons in real time. A detailed analysis of airport plans, cargo aviation history, flight tracking data and air traffic control could identify in the past 13 months 68 arms flights, which were intended for the Syria conflict.
The arms shipments from Eastern European countries to mercenaries in Syria conflict have contributed a significant share to the fact that were killed in Syria conflict hundreds of thousands of people and had to flee millions more in neighboring countries of Syria and to Europe. The refugee crisis could not have reached the current extent without these supplies. Although very many weapons were provided by the Czech Republic for the Syria conflict, would not absorb Syrian refugees the government in Prague. Even two-thirds of the Czech population are opposed to the admission of refugees, reports the Heinrich Boell Foundation.
Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek does not see the weapons flights One country as one of the causes of the refugee crisis, but Russia. “The Russians are actively going to send via the northern route and by air to us refugees,” citing the Prague Daily Monitor Zaoralek.
Czech President Milos Zeman refuses admitting refugees on the grounds that it was Muslims and thus to an “organized Muslim invasion” is among the Syrians, from, the Guardian reports. Instead, the refugees should stay in their countries, to fight against ISIS.
Also Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico says his country will not record “Muslim refugees” from Syria, reports the Independent.
Czech Republic has so far delivered weapons worth of 302 million dollars and Slovakia weapons worth 192 million dollars for the Syria conflict, which ended up in the hands of Islamist mercenaries and ISIS.

German Economic News | Published: 30/07/16 23:01

†ranslated by Alfons

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