President Hollande is under pressure

After an interview with the French President Francois Hollande, where he was defending his proposal on changes to the labor laws, occurred on Thursday evening in Paris, serious riots, reports the AFP news agency. After Hollande defended his controversial labor market reforms on television, demonstrated about 300 young people in the French capital, according to police data. Around 20 people were arrested. Movement “Nuit Debout” had gathered and protested all night, to protest against the proposed amendment to the Labour Law.

For nearly two weeks, hundreds of people came to the Place de la République, in the evening under the motto “Nuit Debout” together. Some of those interviewed by French television. The protesters believe that the French president is pursuing a policy that impair workers’ conditions.

After the demonstration, hundreds of protesters left the square together, and marched, according to a journalist from AFP, the Elysee Palace, the seat of the French President. Police cordoned off the road, after which the demonstrators marched in a different direction, and proceeded to the northern and eastern parts of Paris.

Protesters smashed shop windows, looted shops and damaged cars. Police put up large forces. After a time, the demonstration was dissolved, and continued to demonstrate in smaller groups. On Thursday afternoon, the police announced that the 1700 activists gathered at the Place de la République. This led to clashes, when masked protesters threw chairs, tables and bottles at police. Police used tear gas. According to police injured four protesters and seven police officers. Six protesters were arrested.

In the evening, infant also protesters near the TV building, where there was an interview with the president. In two weeks, hundreds of demonstrators protested it every night on the Place de la République, to protest against the planned relaxation of labor law as the means at the same time greater social injustice. In the whole of France has already attracted hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. President Holding defended the plan on Thursday night in the television channel France 2

Hollande says he has modernized the country over the past four years, and at the same time preserved the French social model. He will work until his last day as president to reform. The president says that: “It has improved, the growth is higher, the French finansielle deficit is smaller, taxes are lower, margins for the companies is higher, workers have greater purchasing power, said the president.” Therefore, I will continue to pursue these reforms to the end . ”

Since President Hollande took office in 2012, the number of unemployed has increased by almost 650,000 and reached a historic peak of almost 3.6 million. Hollande has presented a new budget against unemployment again for next year, to be with success combating unemployment. In the interview, he announced at the end of this year to decide whether he will return to stand in the presidential election in 2017, for a second term. The socialist president is so unpopular that no other president before him in France’s recent history, with the weak economic growth and record unemployment. It remains about a year before the presidential election, and in a very negative opinions survey, is the president’s chances mighty low for a re-election. Three-quarters of French people want to Hollande renounced his candidacy in the spring of 2017. A daily Le Parisien on Thursday published a poll that showed very low numbers. In another survey of the TV channel BFMTV, voted 87 percent of respondents, the Hollande’s chances were minimal.


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