The inquiry on the Iraq war

The British commission of inquiry on the Iraq war, has criticized the decision of the government at that time to participate in the US-led invasion in 2003 to be premature. The marching orders had been given before all “peaceful options” had been exhausted.

The British decision for the Iraq war was premature. This is the conclusion a commission of inquiry of the country, which has seven years interviewed participants and evaluated secret documents. The marching orders to the US-led invasion in 2003 had given the former government of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The political decision was made before all the “peaceful options for disarmament” of Iraq leader Saddam Hussein had been exhausted, the committee chairman John Chilcot said at the launch of the final report in London. The preparation of the war had been completely inadequate, as the plans for the post-war period, criticized the former diplomat.

Another criticism of the Commission: The thesis that leader Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, had been presented with an unjustified security. As early as 2004 a British report came to the conclusion that Blair had hyping the “evidence” of secret for alleged weapons of mass destruction in Parliament.

Despite the sharp criticism, the Commission does not specify in its report, however, whether the invasion was legal or illegal at the time.

Hundreds of thousands of war dead

The then US President George W. Bush had attacked Iraq under Saddam Hussein in power for alleged weapons of mass destruction and suspected linkages with the terrorist network Al Qaeda and Saddam toppled. British Prime Minister Blair supported the US military. The invasion of Iraq was highly controversial because it was not covered by a clear UN Security Council mandate. There were ultimately found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Until the withdrawal of British troops quota 2009 179 British soldiers lost their lives. The Americans complain 4500 deaths. On the Iraqi side were to trigger more than 100,000 deaths. The country sank then in grave fighting between Shiites and Sunnis, who also favored the rise of terrorist militia “Islamic State”.



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