On July 8, the NATO summit begins in Warsaw. For the Polish defence minister Antoni Macierewicz and his national-conservative cabinet colleagues, however, the peak in the former home of the Warsaw Pact is a symbolic confirmation of the Polish membership in the Western alliance. Not only Poland, but also its Baltic neighbours expected summit decisions that reaffirm mutual solidarity and strengthen the eastern flank of NATO.

In Warsaw should be decided that units of NATO states are present in Rotationsrhytmus in Poland and the Baltic states. When it comes to Macierewicz and his colleagues in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, the principle is: the more soldiers, the better.

The national security adviser of Poland, Pawel Soloch, sees there is scope. “The volume can be enlarged when the Russian position does not change. This is an open question, and one has to look to the decisions of the distribution of alliance troops. ”

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, especially Poland and the three Baltic states are pushing for a strengthening of the eastern flank. Although the fighting in eastern Ukraine in the media of other current events have been pushed into the background: The conflict in the neighbourhood is always present in Poland. In the centre of Warsaw, a support and counselling centre for Ukrainians was established. The Polish Foreign Ministry will make from 4 July to 2 August, the border with Kaliningrad and Ukraine closely, reports ABC News.

Warsaw had announced the end of May to establish in cooperation with the US, a paramilitary force of 35,000 men to secure the border with Ukraine.

The number of international military exercises in the region has been strengthened – last defence against an aggression was inspected during the manoeuvre anaconda ten days practiced (video at the beginning of the article). The fact that there were critical voices in the West and about German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke of “loud saber-rattling”, met in Warsaw with incomprehension.

The government in Warsaw holds Brussels for weak and will prefer to attach to the US and NATO. In Washington, the development is seen with pleasure. The Polish PiS government has set euro sceptical towards Germany and Russia critical.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said some weeks ago that he less EU and more wish to NATO. The government has added Russia in turmoil as she thought aloud about to deploy nuclear missiles NATO on Polish territory. Today Poland is the most important bridgehead of NATO against Russia.

The interests of the PiS coincide in this respect with those of the US defence industry and the NATO. And they follow an old idea, which already go back to the legendary Polish leader Jozef Pilsudski from the period after the First World War: It is the so-called “Intermarried” concept, which was originally aimed at an alliance between Germany and Russia to prevented by a strong alliance belt is pulled through Eastern Europe. In this case, part of the envisaged belt Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

According to information of the private US intelligence Stratfor Poland is the vanguard of the US and NATO against Russia in Central and Eastern Europe. But from an energy policy perspective the country is important. The government in Warsaw is a staunch opponent of the pipeline Nord Stream II which should transfer Russian gas to Germany.

by Alfons

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