VLAD Laws – The Real Reasons?

Laws that have been effecting motorcycle groups in Australia, especially in the northern state of Queensland and New South Wales further south have brought up many questions regarding democratic and human rights. The rhetoric of a world threatened by terrorism is now flowing into other parts of the law. It is now evident that it is no longer what you do that will be judged rather who you are or who you associate with. 90% of these groups are harmless with members never convicted or spent any time in jail . A gathering of people expressing themselves in what they thought was there right. But these groups of people are being targeted and hunted by a new law  that some have compared to the extreme German Nazi era. The VLAD law. A law that could see anyone being detained and spending 6 Months imprisonment in pink overalls for association or if caught riding in a group of motor bikes 3 or more . The police have now deemed these organisations as criminal and are out to destroy them once and for all. The only problem is, are they really criminal organisations or merely a group of people wanting to gather on their own terms like so many other minority groups in Australia. Some are predicting this is only the beginning of what could prove to be a dictatorial law that will no doubt cause some serious problems.

Ross Kemp explores the details and gets a glimpse inside the world of the Australian Bikies. 

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