Who will control the State of Surveillance

Whenever I think of surveillance I think “OK”. This could be a good thing. Catch the bad guy in action. Get a detailed description of who and where he is at any given moment. A strategy to hinder and deter violence and crime. “SOUNDS GREAT!!” However, there is a new type of surveillance, well not that new but new to the public. One that crept up on us all. Hidden behind secrecy and motivated by national security.  A type of surveillance that many do not understand as it involves a level of technical understanding that comes from dedicating time and understanding. The type of surveillance I am talking about it Metadata and IMSI Catchers. Even if you have a basic understanding of what these are then you will understand the power it can hold over an individual or company in this day and age where most of everything they do involves data. Data sending, receiving, banking, locations, products and so on…

To understand more about the current status on surveillance that is going on around the world. Please watch this excellent one part series featuring Edward Snowden.

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