Tired of Conventional Living

I have set a link to an Australian experimental documentary film.

“A feature-length documentary directed by Jordan Osmond and Samuel Alexander, A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity takes us to Gippsland, Australia, where residents have fully embraced the notion of a simpler existence far from the maddening crowds and stress-inducing cityscapes. Part of a 12-month experiment known as The Simpler Way Project, the inhabitants of this community all share a common commitment to social change and environmental preservation.”

Many of us are overwhelmed when we think about the debt that we become burdened with. A recent study from the Roy Morgan group. An independent market research and analytics company. Have provided their study which shows the biggest single cause of death for males between 25 and 40 is suicide.  In a world that encourages competition and striving to achieve financial independence or to settle for what you can get, can and does becomes overwhelming.


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