The Syrian War for Economic and Strategic Interests

If the war was mend to liberate the Syrian people, and install a democracy in Syria, then everyone is fooled. It is not about democracy or dictatorship; it is about the control of oil.

If one takes a map and look for who is the largest supplier of oil and gas to Europe, and at the same time reads little more, concerning the “game” which is going on in Syria, one will come to the conclusion that the Syrian drama is is not about democracy against dictatorship, it is about oil.

None of the involved players will admit that it in the first place is about a game about the oil. The war is a large miscalculation of NATO, the US and EU. It was very simple to over trough Gadhafi, Sadam Hussein and even Mubarak. The Arabic sprig did not effect Syria. Syria was not a country who easily could be either invaded, by oppositional groups, supported by Saudi Arabia and the United States, or bombed into democracy, which was an other option by the NATO and by the US. It has been proven that Assad is still liked in the country, even if they are opposition forces, supported by foreign countries, of different kinds, and who could not build a legitimate front against Assad.

Contrary many of the so called moderates forces, have joint the ISIS and other terrorist groups, and fought against the legitimist government of Syria.

Since the Russian aircraft have been helping Assad, lots of ground has been recovered, which was not seen as a positive thing from the NATO and US military groups. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have a horn against Assad, not because he is evil, but because he will not allow a gas and oil pipeline go through his country form Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to become the main supplier of the oil and gas to Europe. That would of course be a big blow to Russia, which now is the biggest supplier of natural gas to Europe.

This is what all this war is about, and it is not because Assad is a dictator, it is because he would not let this gas and ole be transported through Syria.

It is a game to isolate Russia and to bring it to its knee. The western world and then specifically NATO, whit its greatest player the US, doe not like to see a strong Russia, but a Russia which is dependent in the western countries. Russia is one of the last frontiers, where there are lots of natural minerals still in the ground, and that is for the western investors a great opportunity to by up those natural recourses, as they have done I every other country in eastern Europe, Africa and South America.

This is an economic war, where also Turkey, which gets its ole and gas from the Russian pipeline. They are very interested to deal rather with the Saudis and the other Arab countries.

The worst part of this game, which it is for the western countries, is that the citizens of Syria have to suffer, lots of children have to suffer. Now the EU is complaining about all the refugees. Everybody is blaming on the Russian bombing. But the refugees came before the Russian stated bombing ISIS. Now the west I crying. It newer cried when hundreds of thousand dead in Iraq, Iran and Libya. It is so hypocritical to hear politicians mention all the suffering of the civilians in those countries. Nobody in a high position in the US, NATO or EU gives a dam about the people who are been killed.

As the former foreign secretary of State Albright mention in an interview, where the reporter asked her “Was it really worth it that 500.000 children died in Iraq, during the blockade against that country. Albright´s answer was clear and exact “Yes it was worth it”. That is human isn’t it??????

The same with Hillary Clinton regarding Libya: “We came, we conquered he did”. Is that what we call human behavior?

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